- Chaos and Coincidence

“For the apparent realism of SF (science fiction) has concealed another, far more complex temporal structure: not to give us “images” of the future – but rather to de-familiarize and restructure our experience of our own present..” – Fredric Jameson

“Like archaeologists of the future, we must piece together what will have been thought.” – Timothy Morton

The title of this body of work draws inspiration from the seminal text by Fredric Jameson, which examines the functions of utopian thinking by exploring the relationship between utopia and science fiction. I have taken Jameson’s title and uses it instead to myself as an archaeologist of new fictions and futures.

Archaeologies of the Future: Chaos and Coincidence is a series of experiments and observations, constructed by observing, recording, fictionalizing, and imagining objects and spaces that exist at the interface between remote past and possible future, utopia and dystopia, the human and non-human.

Comprising video, photographs and drawing, the work is a collection of new terrains, where skies, nomadic observation sites, telescopes and cyanometers, mix familiarity with strangeness, suggesting a new way of imagining the interconnectedness of things.

Their only unifying characteristic – the uncanny and the remote.


Shivering Sands (video stills) Rohini Devasher 2016 (4)
SHIVERING SANDS| single channel video | 2016
Entry 1, from the Series 'Field Notes' | photograph on archival paper |17 x 12 inches | 2016
ENCOUNTERS OF A REMOTE KIND & FIELD NOTES | photographs and drawings on archival paper | 2016
Atmospheres - Rohini Devasher 2015 (1)
ATMOSPHERES| single channel video | 2015


HelioBlue - rohini devasher
HELIOBLUE | single channel video | 2015


TERRASPHERE | video and prints | 2015


rohini_layout1 FINAL 2
ALWAYS TAKE THE WEATHER WITH YOU | set of 12 prints| etching and aquatint | 2014


mimic - etching - rohini devasher - 2014
MIMIC & MIRROR | etchings | 2014


8. Contact, Photographs printed on Hahnemuhle fine art Baryta paper mounted on
CONTACT | Photographs | 2013