single channel video |21 mins | 2015

Helio Blue is both a colour and the sum of its parts. Helio, the Sun or in this case the radio-heliograph that captures two-dimensional images of the solar corona at different frequencies, against Blue, the sky as it gradually shifts from white to black through 52 shades of blue; a re-imagining of the Cyanometer an 18th century instrument for measuring the ‘blueness’, specifically the colour intensity of blue sky.

HelioBlue (excerpt) | 21 mins | 2015


HelioBlue (1)HelioBlue |still frame |21 mins | 2015


HelioBlue (2)


HelioBlue (4)


HelioBlue (6)

With special thanks to The Gauribidanur Radio Observatory operated jointly by Raman Research Institute and the Indian Institute of Astrophysics. The observatory has been in operation since 1976.