Shivering Sands

single channel video | duration 21 mins | 2016

The Approach_1

“And yet all these years later, what tends to be remembered is the frame, the strange beauty of the rusting
structure, the abandoned nodes, and the hollow spaces that remain when content and context has long since
been abandoned.”                                    

Islands of the Mind, August 24, 2011, Things Magazine
This film is a journey of discovery, across the ocean to the wonderful and bizarre site that is Shivering Sands, a strange forgotten abandoned outpost. What are these strange dystopic tripod-like structures? What were they meant to be? What could we imagine them to be? Is this the past? Or the uncertain future of a tenuous present?

The film has two simultaneous narratives; the first, the vastness of the ocean and horizon, the approach, sighting, circling and last view of Shivering Sands. These huge metallic structures, relics of the Second World War off the coast of the UK, transformed into creatures straight out of HG Well’s novels, or perhaps the All Terrain Attack Transports from Star Wars.
The second, a contrapuntal narrative of an annotated and edited text (written by Laura Raicovich), that guides us through physics, symmetry, pattern, cosmology and poetry, resonating strangely and perfectly with the geography and phenomenology of the site.