wall drawings

The Wall Drawings are an ongoing series of site specific explorations of landscape as a living entity, of what artist Paul Morrison has described as ‘cognitive landscape’: or landscape looking back. The forms draw from different sources, certain seeds or plants, species of solitary coral etc which are characterised by a very specific patterning. Through the process of the drawing, always done on site over a period of ranging between 3 months to 10 days, the relationship between the drawing and the forms from which they are derived is gradually blurred until all real similarity vanishes. The textural, structural character of the original forms remain, but via a process of accident and agglomeration coalesce into something new.

The result is somewhat unclassifiable, a category unto itself. It becomes a metaphor for the natural world, by turns idyllic, uncanny, threatening, and seductive. We are faced with a non passive nature, deliberately stark and unsettling. In most cases the surface has been constructed for the drawing, sometimes curved sometimes not, in each case the aim being to further heighten the sense of being engulfed, of being destabilised.


North is Up - rohini devasher -wall drawing - 2014 Japan (17)
NORTH IS UP? | Fukuoka Asian Art Museum | Japan 2014


Parts Unknown -  wall drawing at MPIWG Berlin 2012 (4)
PARTS UNKNOWN | Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin | 2012


mimic - wall drawing at KNMA 2011 (9)
MIMIC | Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, Noida | 2012


Untitled - wall drawing Project 88 - rohini devasher - 2009 (8)
UNTITLED | Project 88, Mumbai | 2009


1. wall drawing II, Untitled at the Vadhera Art Gallery 2008 (3)
UNTITLED | Vadhera Art Gallery, New Delhi | 2008


Seed - mixed media on wood - rohini devasher - 2004 (13)
SEED | Winchester School of Art, UK | 2004