Iteration and Emergence

My early practice engaged in a dialogue with natural phenomena. Of particular interest was how a few hidden patterns in nature produce a diversity of form.

This body of work looked at the way fractals are a way of visualizing chaotic behaviors, the work was an exploration of the nature of complexity. I was drawn to the organic, to plant forms because nature has a very simple and effective method for building complicated structures from simple parts using recursion – manifesting in endless instances of pattern, symmetry and geometry.

When I was working with more tradition forms of printmaking, lithography, etching or serigraphy, the process, i.e. the iterative quality central to the printing process, informed a lot of the work. This led me to explore the idea of iteration and repetition in different disciplines, math’s, physics, biology, music etc. Line played a very significant role, both as a unifying element and as the tool for constructing form, there is a mediation between the mathematical and the organic.

Complexity cannot be truly comprehended without a conviction of its underlying simplicity.  Order and chaos are often thought to be polar opposites, yet a new form of chaos may be explored that is not just something in the middle, a splitting of the difference, it may be a third pole.

Chimera SMALL

CHIMERA | drawing on archival prints| 2008-09

Archetype I

ARCHETYPES | drawing on archival prints | 2007




Window drawing, mixed media, photography, glass marker 2004 (5)

OUTSIDE IN | mixed media on glass| 2004

hybrid I (true size) 2

HYBRID | drawing on archival pints | 2006


love-in-the-mist, offset lithograph 2005 (1)

LOVE-IN-THE-MIST | offset lithograph | 2005

Iteration - offset lithographs - rohini devasher 2005 (6)

ITERATION| offset lithographs | 2005

thicket-rohini devasher - 2004

THICKET | serigraphs on paper and fabric | 2004

Foliage, solaretching 2004 (3)

FOLIAGE | solar etchings | 2004

Breed | colour pencil, acrylic and pencil on paper |2009

BREED | colour pencil, acrylic and pencil on paper |2009

the singing garden - rohini devasher 2004

THE SINGING GARDEN & OTHER FABLES | offset lithographs | 2004